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Terreno seeks to buy any kind of land in and around London for potential development and improvement.

Greenfield Land

Greenfield land in London is undeveloped, open land with no prior urban construction. Its potential for new developments, often in suburban areas or greenbelt zones, is subject to planning regulations and offers opportunities for expansion.

Brownfield Land

Brownfield land in London refers to previously developed or industrial sites that are no longer in use or have been abandoned. It typically includes areas that may have existing buildings or infrastructure. Brownfield land is often located within the city or urban areas and is targeted for redevelopment or repurposing. It offers opportunities for revitalisation and the creation of new projects, including residential, commercial, or mixed-use developments.

Building Repurposing

Buildings in need of repurposing in London encompass structures that can be transformed for different uses, such as converting offices into residential, hotel, or student accommodation. This adaptability underscores the city’s flexibility for building redevelopment, allowing for innovative urban planning and repurposing.

Land Assembly

Land assembly in London involves combining individual land parcels to create expansive, cohesive sites for large-scale projects. It enables the realisation of substantial and coordinated urban developments while optimising land utilisation.

Commercial Land

Commercial land in London encompasses properties used for various businesses, including shops and car repair shops. This category represents the diversity of urban commerce and offers opportunities for retail and service-related ventures in the city.

Industrial Land

Industrial land in London pertains to areas primarily designated for industrial purposes, often housing warehouses, manufacturing facilities, and industrial units. This sector supports the city’s industrial activities and logistical operations.

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