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Horseman's Yard

Revitalisation of a former equestrian center within the Green Belt, encompassing the redevelopment of previously utilised land, including a Grade II listed barn. The project envisions the creation of 45 homes, comprising 29 private and 16 affordable residences, designed in a modern farmstead-style residential scheme.

112-114 North End Road London W14

Planning permission has been granted for the transformation of a West Kensington car repair business into a 38-bedroom boutique hotel. Embracing a design-centric strategy, the project emphasises ‘gentle densification,’ optimising the utilisation of an eco-friendly brownfield site while honouring the local and historical surroundings.

Emanuel School – Blagdons Sports Ground

Approval granted for a sports ground construction project, including green belt land considerations, an objection from Sport England, a referral to the Greater London Authority (GLA) and Secretary of State (SoS), loss of a playing field, and a Community Use Agreement.

Nyes Wharf

A dynamic mixed-use regeneration initiative designed to transform a Strategic Industrial Land site into a thriving urban development. This project encompasses a diverse blend of residential, commercial, and recreational elements, reimagining the land’s purpose and fostering a vibrant, sustainable community.

Haberdashers’ School

Providing comprehensive guidance and support for planning and listed building applications, particularly tailored for educational institutions situated within the Green Belt. Our expertise ensures a smooth process, addressing the unique challenges of preserving historic structures while facilitating educational expansion in these environmentally protected areas.

Thayer Street

Embarking on an ambitious project focused on the meticulous restoration and refurbishment of retail units within the iconic Westminster district. Our endeavour is to breathe new life into these historic commercial spaces, preserving their rich heritage while enhancing functionality and aesthetic appeal, ultimately revitalising the local retail landscape.

Wyke Road

The Wyke Road London project, led by Terreno’s partners, presents a visionary approach to luxury living in Raynes Park. Featuring nine eco-spec apartments with electric-only parking, PV systems, and energy storage, the development prioritizes sustainability. Additionally, the project’s commitment to the community is evident in its contribution of land back to the local council, supporting Controlled Parking Zones (CPZ) and enhancing the neighborhood. This exemplifies a harmonious blend of luxury and eco-consciousness, setting a new standard for urban living in London.

The Landsby

Designed and delivered, The Landsby is an award-winning over 65’s development, offering 101 adaptable apartments, numerous facilities for active living, and an adjacent building with 70 private sale apartments.

Former Cinema Site, Royal Tunbridge Wells

On a key town centre site that has lain vacant for nearly 20 years, Terreno’s partner was appointed by Retirement Villages Group to develop an Integrated Retirement Community. The project revitalises the area, addressing complex constraints, including site levels, the presence of a Network Rail Tunnel, and the need for a mix of residential and town centre uses. With its architecture inspired by the art deco cinema and mid-century town hall, the development includes 166 apartments, public spaces, and retail frontage to activate street edges, ultimately breathing new life into Tunbridge Wells’ heart. 

Wildernesse House

Located on the outskirts of Sevenoaks in Kent, Wildernesse House, a Grade II listed Georgian mansion, has served as a private residence, country club, school for the blind, and now houses a retirement community. Upon acquiring the property, Terreno’s partner recognised the need for a more suitable design for older residents, focusing on enabling them to age in place seamlessly.

Former Cinema Site, Royal Tunbridge Wells

Terreno partners were engaged to create a comprehensive Planning Application for our valued client’s site neighbouring Wembley Stadium. The key challenge lies in devising a scheme that harmonises with the current and evolving surroundings, establishing a sense of place in a predominantly light industrial area.

The proposal outlines a mixed-use residential garden podium project, featuring 5 towers ranging from 10 to 24 stories. It preserves the existing Access Self Storage use while introducing 655 new homes, along with fresh office, commercial, and residential amenity spaces.

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